Adult Classes

Aerial Hoop

Like you see at the circus Aerial Hoop or Lyra is a metal hoop suspended from the ceiling. 

Once on  the hoops we will learn cool tricks, combos, routines and much more.

Aerial Silks

This beautiful art form is sure to make you strong all while having fun. 

Pole Fitness

We have both Chrome Poles & Silicone Poles. 

You will learn cool tricks, flexibility moves, small routines, spins and fun moves.

Aerial Allsorts

Love all things Aerial?

We mix it up each week learning a mixture of Hoop, Sling, Trapeze, Silks, Cloud Swing.

This is the perfect class if you love all the Aerial equipment or wanting to try it all. 

Aerial Yoga

A gentle class to improve flexibility and core strength. 

Suspended just off the floor in a hammock you will perform yoga moves in this relaxing, gentle class.

Pole Silks & Lollipop

Pole Silks combine Chrome Pole with Silks tied to the top. 

They are great for Beginners as the Silk element supports you while on the pole.

Lollipop is a Pole with a Hoop on top, combining the best of both worlds.  

Bungee HIIT

Wearing a harness attached to a bungee cord from the ceiling this class is a HIIT cardio workout. 

You will burn calories in the most fun way. 

We also allow time at the end of the class to learn cool flips, handstands etc.

Stretch - Flexibility

Suitable for Non Aerialists and Aerialist alike this safe, progressive Stretch class will help improve your flexibility and mobility in this floor based stretch class.


We hold special one off workshops on a regular basis which include Doubles work, Dance, Gymnastics, Routines, etc. 



You will spend half the class learning Pole and the other half learning Aerial.

The Aerial section of the class may include hoop, silks, sling, trapeze, etc.

This is the perfect class if you are still deciding which is your fav or just love it all. 

pratice session

Your own time to practice what you have learnt in class.

An instructor will be on hand to make sure you are safe but no teaching takes place

Adult Time Table

All classes are mixed ability and will be adapted for those booked in.